Gilad’s Quick Fit System.  Here Gilad gives you a complete and comprehensive “weight management” program that includes a nutritional guide, training manual and progress journal. 7 different workouts (20-40 minutes each) are combined in a unique sequence over a 12 week period to keep your muscles challenged and your results coming! People on the program average 20- 30 lb’s in weight loss in just 12 weeks! The 30 and 60 Minute Low Impact Workouts  Taped on the Kaanapali shores of Maui, these workouts are designed as 2 complete and balanced workouts. You will get an excellent fat burning workout with minimal impact to the joints. Beginners Weight Loss and Toning Program Ideal for all ages and this program is a fun and easy way to jump start your fitness program and to get back into shape too. Here Gilad gives you a workout that is easy on the joints, easy to follow and safe. He combines low impact fat burning moves with a series of toning exercises for all the major muscle groups. A live band will keep you moving to the beat!
Ultimate Body Sculpt  Cuts and Curves – intermediate to advanced. Complete total body sculpting workout for the entire body that emphasizes postural strengthening exercises, balance and core moves. Resistance bands and light hand weights (3-10 lbs) are added for extra resistance Core and more – intermediate to advanced. Here Gilad integrates a variety of core, lower back and extensor exercises that are very effective in helping you flatten your stomach and improve your core strength and stamina. Power and Grace – advanced. This workout integrates explosive strength moves with isometric strength and core balance for a super charged workout that will help you reshape your entire body in a hurry!
Total Body Sculpt as seen on TV Complete body sculpting workouts that focus on different parts of the body in every workout.
15 Targeted Express Workouts  All levels. Short but highly effective workouts includes toning, cardio, polyometrics, isometrics, Pilates, yoga and stretching routines that are geared for those with hectic schedules who still want to get a good workout in. Abs Workout  Good for all levels, from beginners to advanced. There are 3 sections to the workout, from targeted abdominal routines in section one to challenging abdominal combinations in section 3, this workout is guaranteed to give you that washboard look!. Sculpt and Tone  All levels. Here Gilad helps you develop long, lean, sexy muscles without the bulk. This workout incorporates circuit training principals in which a variety of sculpting exercises are repeated 2-3 times.
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Step Aerobics  Lots of variety without complex moves. An excellent fat burning workout, on the step. A bonus abdominal routine is added. Step and Tone  Here Gilad combines body sculpting routines for the entire body while giving you a low impact cardio workout on the step at the same time. Getting Fit In Jerusalem  Highly effective fat burning routines combined with targeted body sculpting exercises that will help you burn calories and tone your body. The exotic live band will keep your spirits high and your body in motion! Interval Training  Boot camp style workout, for those wanting a full body, challenging workout. Here Gilad combines simple intervals of cardio routines with circuit training techniques that are geared for one thing, results!  The New Best of Bodies in Motion Gilad’s best 70 minutes of fat burning and body sculpting in one comprehensive and fun workout session. This spectacular workout takes you to 9 different Hawaiian locations! You will feel like you are right there with Gilad exercising on the beach! 45/45 Split Routine Workout One of Gilad’s most popular programs. This program features two 45 minute workouts, a cardio workout and a sculpting workout that are designed to be used on alternate days, allowing for muscle recuperation and maximum results.
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