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Agnes. Individual result. Results may vary. lightbox[thno]Agnes. Individual result. Results may vary.


Individual result. Results may vary.

I gained 13 kg and I had no motivation to get back into shape. One day my friend recommended a fantastic TV show with Gilad. At the beginning I was not sure but I quickly changed my mind. This powerful exercise with a really good coach helped me to performed in my first bikini contest. I am fascinated by these excercises. Regular activites and healthy diet ensures a great silhouette, Agnes, Poland.


winner-trip-1There was a great turnout this past Sunday at the Chelsea Sports Center in NYC! Fans enjoyed two exciting workouts with Gilad!

Michele from New Jersey was the winner of one week at Gilad's Fitness Adventure Camp! She received round trip airfare to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines and all expenses paid at the Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center!

Congratulations Michele!!!

julia-1Individual result. Results may vary.

I want to say huge THANK YOU to the greatest fitness coach in the world, to GILAD! You are my saver. After my second pregnancy my weight was 200 lb. Because of Gilad's Total Body Sculpt workouts I lost 15 pounds for first 3 moths after my baby #2. On Christmas 2012 my weight was 185 lb. I decided move on together with Gilad. My goal was to lost 40 lb. for 1 year. GIlad is the only one who supported me completely through my weight lost journey. Gilad's fitness is the biggest part of my life. I did it, I lost my 40 extra pounds. Today, my weight is 145 lb. I eat 5 times per day, healthy meal and workouts 5 times per week. Because of Gilad I feel healthy, strong and beautiful! God Bless you , Gilad!

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