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3 Great workouts on Pupukea Beach on the North Shore

Join us on this beautiful sunny day at Pupukea Beach on the North Shore of O’ahu.   Pupukea is adjacent to world-famous Waimea Bay, home to the big wave surfing tournaments.  Gilad and the team take you through 3 workouts in one of the most spectacular beach locations ever!

  1. SHOW #601 Gilad is joined by Trella, Felicia, Gail and Kent on the point overlooking the beach.  The North Shore waves are really putting on a show.
    Areas of the day:  Chest and Arms.
  2. SHOW #602  This show features Gilad, Trella, Kent, Felicia and Sherry. The floor work segment targets your hips, thighs, buns and abs.
    Area of the day:  Waist.
  3. SHOW #603  Join Gilad, Trella, Gail, Sherry and Kent for some intense fat burning and to work your hips, buns, core and thighs. 
    Area of the day:  Shoulders.

Total running time: 72 minutes.

Price: 14.95




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