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asotv-vol-8 WATCH CLIPlightbox[your group 640 486]Makapu'u Cliff

3 Great workouts on breathtaking Makapu'u Cliff

These 3 shows were shot on the top of Makapu’u Cliff with breathtaking views of the entire windward coastline of the island of Oahu. One of the top-rated hang-gliders in the world is doing acrobatic aerial stunts behind Gilad and his team.

  1. SHOW #534  Join Gilad, Kent and Steve on the edge of the cliff for a complete body workout. 
    Areas of the day:  Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps.
  2. SHOW #537  Gilad, Trella and Tracey try to fly away with the hang-glider behind them.  There is an awesome aerobics segment.
    Areas of the day:  Hips, Thighs and Abs.
  3. SHOW #538  Gilad, Tracey and Molly take you through a full body, late afternoon workout.  Hang-glider Duff King performs amazing aerial stunts in this show and our brave crew works right through some passing showers.


Total running time: 72 minutes.

Price: 14.95




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