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Kids in Motion - Boggie on the Beach

kids in motion-boggie on the beach 

Would you like to be one of the best athletes in your class? Gilad will show you how! Just pop in this DVD and follow along.

There are two workouts on this DVD. The first one takes place on the beach near Makaha on the island on Oahu. The second takes place on a pier in Waikiki where a group of kids joins Gilad and his regular team for a fun-filled, spirited workout! It’s a blast for the whole family. 

The key to a lifetime of health and fitness is developing good habits, and there is no one better than Gilad to start you off in the right direction.

No of workouts: 2
Length: 44 minutes
Age group: All ages

Price: $14.95





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Gilad's Kids In Motion - Boggie on the Beach Gilad Productions, Ltd
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