15 different workouts, all under 10 minutes each!

"I’ve created these short targeted Express Workouts in order to give people an option for a quick and effective energy boost that deliver results!
In here you will find...

  • Cardio workouts,
  • Strength/Calorie Burn workouts,
  • Core workouts and
  • Sculpting workouts

...that target different muscle areas allowing you to focus on the body parts you wish to work on the most.

Though it is resistance training that will sculpt your body, it is very important to add the Aerobics/Cardio element into the program to help maximize fat burn, strengthen the heart and improve lung capacity.

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Download the workout chart for The Expressworkouts:

Express Workout Progressive Workout Chart

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10 Day Turnaround

Feedback from other users

I' m very happy with my purchase. I'm 64 and like that I can select the body part to work out that morning in between the warm up and cool down. l also like how quickly my order arrived. Love working our with Gilad!!

I own well over 400 fitness DVDs from every instructor imaginable and I can say without a doubt, that Gilad and his workouts are exactly what I have been searching for.  I really wish that I had not waited so long to invest in your systems, but I can tell you that I am quickly building my collection. I have Express Workouts, Ultimate Body Sculpt, and both Step Aerobics DVDs in the mail as we speak (thanks to my wonderful Husband...what a great surprise)! I am hoping very soon to own both the original Total Body Sculpt Series and The Quick Fit Systems. I have officially started selling off my current collection as I no longer need them; I have Gilad and that's all it's going to take!   Thank you so very much!   Julia, Michigan (Age: 27)


I am really enjoying the express workouts.  For a busy mom like me, it's tailored to fit my needs, whether I can get in a 10 minute workout or a 30 minute workout.  When I get done, I feel so much better. Thank you, Gilad. Kimberly, NC


This is the best idea ever! With two toddlers, I never know how much time I'll have to exercise. It's great to have so much flexibility in my workout but still have a DVD to motivate and teach me.  The weight training segments (which are fabulous and are individually adjustable since you can use any weight or sometimes none at all) are definitely better than the cardio, but the dynamic exercise segment is really a third cardio segment and it's really good. If you like his "Total Body Sculpt" show, you won't be disappointed. If you haven't seen his show, buy these and find out why so many people love this guy. Mom, IL


This dvd set is just what I needed to begin and maintain a convenient, flexible exercise program in my own home. There is something for everyone who is either at a beginning or intermediate level. The programs can be used in any combination that one requires. Being a 55 year old beginner, I am using Warm Up, Cardio Basic, Dynamic Moves, and Core Foundations for a great 30 minute workout every day. Dale, AZ


This video really gives you a good workout, you can really feel it in the targeted areas! I can pick and choose what I want to work on for that day. I have acually made a daily schedule on a dry erase board but you can download one of his workout schedules for this dvd for free on his web site. I have had it a month and still have not done all the workouts. I like that all you need is 2 pairs of weights one light set and one heaver set and yourself not alot of extra things to buy like with other workout videos. JB, FL

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