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How to use Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt™ with Gilad's Quick Fit System™.

Many have asked how they can incorporate Gilad's 'Ultimate Body Sculpt' series™ (UBS) into the popular weight management program, Gilad's 'Quick Fit System'™(QFS) We recommended that you follow the 12 weeks program as outlined in the Quick Fit System™. After you have completed the initial 12 week program the 'Ultimate Body Sculpt' series™ can be a great addition to your fitness program. The way you can incorporate UBS would be as follows.


Power and Grace

This workout can substitute any “cardio” workout or the Hips Thighs and Buns workout.










Cuts and Curves

This workout can substitute any of the “body sculpting” workouts.














In phase 5 of the Quick Fit System™ on Friday the program calls for two body sculpting workouts “hips and buns” and “shoulders and arms”. This would be an ideal time to use the “Cuts and Curves” instead since it works all muscle groups.


After the initial 12 weeks, the Quick Fit System™ training guide shows you a maintenance program that cycles 3 weekly training schedules. A good option would be to cycle between a week on the “Quick fit System™” and a week that combines the “Quick Fit System™” and “Ultimate Body Sculpt™” as shown bellow:

























































If you do not have these DVDs they are available here:


Gilad's Quick Fit System



Price: $69.95









Gilad's Ultimate body Sculpt



Price: $49.95











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