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Below is a list of all the different DVD series from Gilad.

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Gilad's Lord of the Abs Series

lota-all-5-2Gilad’s ‘Lord of the Abs’ series is a full-body fitness system

These workouts show you how to concentrate on the core while working all the other parts of your body. The series consist of 5 DVDs.


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60 Day Ultimate U Challenge 2015

ultimate u-challenge-1Double your results by combining 2 of Gilad’s best body-transforming systems.

 If you are serious about getting results this is the program for you. Take the challenge and join Gilad and others on a private Facebook group for support and motivation.

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Ultimate Body Sculpt Series

ubs-all-1Based on Gilad's hugely popular Total Body Sculpt with Gilad™

Seen on Discovery Fit and Health (FitTV). Gilad has created a new generation of Fitness DVDs called Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt Series™.

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Gilad's Targeted Express Workouts

express-cover-400w-215 different workouts, all under 10 minutes each!

"I’ve created these short targeted Express Workouts in order to give people an option for a quick and effective energy boost that deliver results!

Perfect for busy people with busy days!

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Gilad's Quick Fit System

qfs-2A Total Weight Management System! Get Fit the Right Way!

A healthy approach to a fitter you! Everything you need to get into the best shape of your life! If you have tried EVERYTHING ans still not in great shape.... this is for you!!

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Gilad's Classic Collection

classic-collection-all-10-1These are 10 of Gilad's Best Selling Fitness DVDs and all time favorites.

If you like the Bodies in Motion shows these will ensure you many hours of great workouts. Get them all at a great low price!

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As Seen on TV DVDs

All our popular shows seen on TV

All DVDs are Commercial free!

as seen on tv-2

  1. Bodies on Motion DVDs. A compilation of some of our more memorable shows.
  2. Total Body Sculpt. The popular 30 min shows.
  3. Total Body Sculpt Plus DVDs. The rarely-seen hour long shows from TV.




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Gilad's Best Body Ever Kit

This kit contains 5 of Gilad's most
popular and effective besr-body-ever-1workouts.

Great for medium to advanced levels. Workout program, Gilad's Eat Roght Now pland and Exercise bans included.

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Super Saver Packs

We have bundled two great packages of the most popular series and packs we offer.

  1. Gilad's Super Saver Pack (20 DVDs)
  2. As Seen on TV - Complete Collection (26 DVDS)

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Gilad Kids in Motion

kids-in-motion-all-2Fitness is FUN!

And with Gilad as your coach it is a lot of fun!

The key to a lifetime of health and fitness is developing good habits early in life, and there is no one better than Gilad to start you off in the right direction.

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boot-camp-1Gilad’s BOOT CAMP is the ultimate in MILITARY CONDITIONING for MEN AND WOMEN. 


These 2 military style workouts will whip you into fighting shape FAST and KEEP YOU THERE! Gilad will take you through a great cardio workout on an US aircraft carrier and Ada (Gilad's Sister) will lead you through a challenging cardio and strength training workout on an army base.





basic training-1Basic Training "The Workout" is a 60 minute low-impact aerobic and strength training workout, set on an action packed airstrip in Hawaii. It is based on the successful ESPN exercise program Basic Training The Workout.

Your host Ada Janklowicz uses her extensive background in fitness dance and military techniques to bring you a training program that helps:

  1. Maximize Fat Burning
  2. Increase Strength
  3. Improve Flexibility

The workout is basic and easy to follow. Beginners will be expertly guided. Advanced will be challenged.

super sculpting-kit-1

This kit contains 4 of Gilad's
most popular DVDs. 

18 effective workouts!

If you're serious about getting in shape these DVDs are what you are looking for. You get 4 best selling DVDs.

  • Gild's Eat Right Now Plan
  • Exercise Band


This set is ideal for intermediates to advanced. it's a perfect fit for those on a busy schedule and can't always get 30 min or more to workout. For those occasion you have Gilad's 15 Targeted Express Workouts to chose from. Don't miss a workout! Just do one of the 10 minutes express workouts when time is of an essence.

10-day-advanced-cross-training cycle-2For SERIOUS Total Body Trainers ONLY!


If you are serious about losing weight, sculpting every part of your body, developing explosive power and enhancing every aspect of your athletic ability, you need to seriously consider Gilad’s 10-Day Advanced Cross-Training Cycle. 

You blast through the program every 10 days.  Nine days on, one day off.  You will begin to see and feel the difference almost immediately.  By the end of the 2nd cycle you will know what it means to train professionally. 

This program will get you into the kind of shape only elite athletes achieve!  It’s time to get serious! 

  • Fine tune your core! 
  • Develop critical balance skills! 
  • Lose those last few stubborn pounds and
  • get into the most amazing shape of your life! 

Get serious with Gilad’s 10-Day Advanced Cross-Training Cycle.

This program was developed expressly for Gilad’s DietBet Challenges, three cycles for each month.  If you are already signed up for one of Gilad’s DietBet challenges you already have the code to get a big discount on this fantastic package.  

This set consists of:

  1. Lord of the Abs series (5 DVDS)
  2. Ultimate Body Sculpt series (3 DVDs)
  3. Gilad's Elite Forces (1 DVD)
  4. Resistance Band
  5. Workout Schedule (get it here)


A $130.65 Value for only $99.95!


New Supplements


We now have a new line of supplements. All made in USA in a FDA approved GMP facility.


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