2 Great options for watching Gilad

We now made it even easier to watch Gilad anytime you want with our  'Digital Delivery' options.

Here are the 3 ways you can watch and workout out with Gilad:
  1. Digital Delivery and Streaming (NEW)
  2. Gilad TV
  3. Gilad on Demand
Please se below for details on each option and decide what is best for you!

Option 1: Digital Delivery - Download and Streaminggilad-digital-shop-1

This is a one time pay per download option.
Shows currently available:
  1. Lord of the Abs
  2. The Ultimate U Challenge (Lord of the Abs and Ultimate Body sculpt)
  3. Gilad's Quick Fit System
  4. Gilad's Ultimate Body sculpt
  5. Bodies in Motion Classic Collection
  6. Gilad's Elite Forces
  7. Basic Training with Ada
  8. The Facial Workout
This option is ideal for:

Anyone anywhere in the world. As long as you have internet this option is great. International customers enjoy these advantages:

  1. Immediate delivery
  2. For you that like to keep your workout on your PC and mobile devices (copy stored safely in the cloud)
  3. No expensive shipping cost
  4. No country import tax or duties
  5. Stream the workouts if internet is good
  6. Download the workouts if internet is slow

These workouts will play on your TV (with proper connectors) Smart TV, Computer, and Mobile devices.

digital-download-large -3


Option 2: Gilad TV - Streaming (no download) gila
One Week Free Trial!

This is a paid monthly subscription option.
Current shows available:
  1. Selected Bodies in Motion Shows (not available anywhere else)
  2. Total Body Sculpt (not available on DVD)
  3. Total Body Sculpt Plus
  4. Gilad's Express Workouts

These workouts will play/stream on your TV, Smart TV, Computer, and Mobile devices.

This option is ideal for:
  1. For everyone that like to have access to workouts anywhere they are at a low monthly cost
  2. Everyone with good internet connection suitable for streaming.


100s of Gilad’s TV SHOWS available 24/7 on


Now you can work out with GILAD anytime and anywhere you want!
New workouts are added every week!



Video on Demand - Download (no streaming)

Shows currently available:

600 Bodies in Motion shows (not available on DVD).

These workouts will play on your TV (with proper cable) Smart TV, Computer, and Mobile devices.

This option is ideal for:
  1. Everyone that are fan of the old Bodies in Motion shows that you can't get on DVD or anywhere else.
  2. For you that like to keep your workout on your PC and mobile devices.

digital-download-large -3








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About Video Downloads & Streaming

Great NEW option for watching and working out with Gilad.

Perfect for international fans of Gilad. Save on shipping cost, time and import taxes!




Available now...

To the left you will find the workout DVDs that are currently available for download and streaming. If you have good internet you can stream all these DVDs from anywhere in the world to your  pc/mac or mobile devices. If you prefer you can also download them. You will always have a copy in the cloud so you'll never lose what you once bought.

Watch on...

These videos will work on all your devices. You just need to download a player for each of them and you'll be ready to work out with Gilad anytime you want.

Digital delivery...

We have partnered up with The Purple Platfrom. They are a digital delivery company that incorporates the latest technology and security to protect your personal information and to quickly deliver and safely store your digital products. We will not share your personal information with anyone.


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