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Natalie. Individual result. Results may vary lightbox[thno]Natalie. Individual result. Results may vary

Individual result. Results may vary.

"I come from an overweight family.  My nickname in school was actually, at 49, having kept my weight proportionate to height for a few years is something to embrace.  Am proud to model good habits to my children. Have tried different programs, but Gilad really nails it.

I had an at-risk triplet pregnancy which necessitated five months in bed/with three of these spent heavily medicated in a hospital bed.  I weighed in at 215 pounds. 

After pregnancy, I was at about 170 with greatly compromised muscle tone.  To reduce stress, I started exercising in the morning, and that is how I came to order a Gilad CD.  Never heard about him before.

I am turning 50 next May.  Have had a neck and knee surgery, and I like his workouts because he prioritizes safety.  Was married 21 years ago, and am happy to report that the gown is too big in the midsection! 
I live in Michigan.  Despite the freezing winter temperatures, I can stay fit and can keep up with my children.  Thanks!



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