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Not getting Gilad on your TV?

01 Mar 2015
We have most of the shows you have been watching on TV in a DVD format.

as seen on tv-complete-collection-all-2015-1jpgComplete Collection of As Seen on TV DVS:

All the popular shows you have seen on TV. Bodies in Motion adn Total Body Sulpt.

asotv-1-12-horiz-1Bodies in Motion As seen on TV 12 DVDs:

Bodies in Motion. Each DVD has 3 workouts.

tbs-all-6-3Total Body Sculpt As Seen on TV:

Total Body Sculpt with Gilad. (20 min workouts)

tbs-plus-all-1Total Body Sculpt Plus:

Total Body Sculpt Plus with Gilad (45 min workouts)

anniv-all-5-1Bodies in Motion 30th Anniversary Shows:

Just released on DVD!



Click here to see: Gilad's most popular as seen on TV DVDs



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